Monday, May 15, 2006

The Stress of a Faculty Job

At Uncertain Principles, he discusses stomach problems associated with the stress of being a faculty member. He also links to a rather longer, but interesting column on the same subject. I worked like a dog the first years of my faculty job, but not so much out of stress but because there was so much I wanted to get done, as mentioned in the column:

As one online colleague posted, “"The work is infinite. There is always one more thing you could, should, would like to do." The industry encourages workaholism.

Another quote that is spot on:

Most professors I know feel impotent. They may be forced into either coddling students, watering down curriculum, or passing students who have not earned a passing grade. Those who do not give in may find themselves labeled as "outdated"” or, worse yet, a political outcast. In today's consumer-driven world, holding the line is becoming more and
more dangerous--not only for institutions, but for individual professors as well.

It's still a great job. I can't even imagine having any other type of job.

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