Friday, October 27, 2006

Chillin' over your H-Score

Chad, Steinn, Scott, Rob, and probably many others are stressing/discussing their H-score. Chill. Only certain places would resort to such a crude measure.

I looked up my score. I won't reveal so as not to brag :) (or likewise, so as not to embarrass myself, depending on one's perspective). And then, of course, I looked up others. Plugged in a couple well respected, well established researchers who had comparable numbers to me.

Then I plugged in a couple of real know people who copy what others do, add nothing new and publish. Then they tweak the smallest of things which really should have been in the paper they just put out, but they make it into a new paper. The people in the field see they're just padding their CVs, but to those outside, it's much more difficult to see there's nothing there. Of course, their numbers are significantly higher.

I really don't see that this metric avoids the gaming of the system that people do.


Anonymous said...

Tenure and Official stature are business decisions. Quality is not quantifiable. The number of publications and their Science Citation Index entries (unitless!) automatically fit into a casebook spreadsheet ("see CD in back"). It's a no-brainer (distributed managerial analytic paradigm).

If yer makin' wigits, listen to yer engineers. If yer doin' research, loose yer scientists. If you are selling the company, put Management in charge, grab your money and run away.

Anonymous said...

So, is it possible to have an H number without having any papers published or even on arXiv? I'm referenced in two arXiv articles and once more in a peer reviewed published neutrino mass paper (five different physicists).

Since I have no papers, they reference my website. The best example is: hep-ph/0605074

Interesting metric. I'm so glad I don't need an academic job.

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