Thursday, June 28, 2007

Three Things You Can't Be

  • You can't be selfless. No matter what, it's always because you want to.
  • You can't behave unnaturally. You are part of nature.
  • You can't be busy. Ok, this is a bit more debatable than the others, but I basically always have stuff to do. If I take a break, I'm busy relaxing.


  • Funny quote from Scott Aaronson:

    I'm telling you, if a giant asteroid were going to hit the earth in a week, the first question academics would ask would be how to beat out competing proposals for the "$50-million Deflection of Space-Based Objects" initiative at NSF.

  • You know you travel too much when you forget which light switches match with which lights in your own home.
  • Saw this in the NYTimes feed by George Johnson on Meta Physicists (I mention it only because I didn't see any of the usual 6' 5" suspects mention it).


ChemistryGuy said...

i love your blog.
im starting a Q & A style science and technology blog.
would love some feedback / ideas / comments.

Terry said...

Is it possible to be proactive? About anything?

Anonymous said...

Depends on how you define busy. If you define it as: Having a lot of things that need to be done.

Then one could be busy, or not busy.

I see where you're coming from though. As a physics undergrad I always have work to do, which takes the meaning of the word busy away.

However, my lazy roommates who are doing an arts degree *scoff* have oodles of free time to sit on their asses and watch the meaningless streams of shit that come out of the tv.

Though I'm never 'busy' because I'm always 'busy', I am more 'busy' than my roommates. Who are so lazy that they exploit the fact that I am hard working, in order to be even more lazy so that I clean up after them / do their 'things to do' as well.

Sorry I randomly stumbled upon your blog and ranted. My roommates are making me incredibly jaded, and all I really need is someone who I want to talk to, or I feel is worthy of my (very little) spare time.

-A future physicist who wants to give so much to the world, but also wants more from his relationships/life.