Sunday, August 23, 2009

As Sorted

  • There's hardly any food that doesn't benefit from being eaten with tortilla chips. Strange that one doesn't find these along with other chips in vending machines.
  • My parents never knew the answers to my science questions.
  • Chad is looking for camera advice and has lots of comments about it. I've posted before about cameras, and I don't find the case for DSLRs very compelling, despite having used a film SLR for decades. And of course that I'm terrified of dust on the sensor (something we didn't have to worry about w/ film) doesn't help at all. But, I also wanted to mention that I would look very carefully, were I buying a camera, at the Olympus E-P1. In particular, I'm excited about this camera starting a trend towards full control, excellent quality, good low-light performance, and compact cameras. You might also take a look at Canon's two latest offerings in the G11 and S90.
  • I'm finding the "have a beer before company comes over" solution is more and more appropriate and useful. Should I be apprehensive?
  • Simple physics demonstrations to "lure" kids to science? I can't vouch for these via Slashdot.
  • Every hotel room should have an alarm clock. What's with European hotels (nice ones at that) lacking an alarm clock necessitating my wearing a watch while in the room?
  • Thinking about blogging anonymously (or rather with a pseudonym)? Remaining so can take some effort and constrain what you can say and you don't get any acclaim for it. Plus, you might still get found out.


CarlBrannen said...

The Sony and Canon low light thin cameras with macro capability for very short distance photos are the only ones I'll buy. We sell stuff using the internet and need good photographs, both for the thing as a whole and for details. And flashes disrupt the picture so low light is important.

As far as "where do babies come from", the reason parents don't tell their children the truth about this is similar to why God didn't teach Moses nuclear (weapon) theory. They'll just embarrass you by exhibiting their knowledge in an unwise manner, say at the supermarket checkout line.

MV said...

Your blog is interesting. I have seen angry physics teachers (and students), but never found physics itself angry!

Kea said...

But we can get tortilla chips in vending machines ... not that I think your taste should be commended.

CarlBrannen said...

I'm horribly, hopelessly addicted to a Zesty Taco/Chipotle Ranch "Collision" flavor of Dorito's tortilla (corn) chips. Eventually they'll start selling these outside the US and then, well, goodbye hashish and heroin trade.

Anonymous said...

>Every hotel room should have an alarm clock. What's >with European hotels (nice ones at that) lacking an >alarm clock necessitating my wearing a watch while >in the room.

The good side: in Europe you wont be awaked at 5 AM by the pip pip pip pip ... set by the previous passenger...
Why do you need to know the time so to the minute... if do you have a cell phone, that is it, is there a TV set? it has the time.. etc

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