Thursday, June 09, 2011


Yesterday, was a slow day. Certain things had kind of wound down, and I wasn't sure what tasks to do. So I took it easy, caught up on reading some arXiv papers that were clogging up the tabs on my browser. I thought about starting up one of my unimportant (to anyone else), side projects, but I knew things would pick back up...I'd have an idea for the project that's finishing, I'd get a couple emails from folks needing help with their aspects, etc. And now I'm busy, or rather I should be busy, but figured I'd get out this post first.

One other thing, if you're interested in good photography of nature, you might checkout these winning photos. In any case though, you presumably have an interest in physics, so you should definitely checkout the picture of the ocean wave at the beach. One sees these...well I'm not sure what one would call them. Perhaps one would call them vortex lines or just vortices. In any case, pretty cool and dramatic.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant photos. The wave picture looks a lot like the vortex flow patterns that arise in the Taylor-Couette system. Which perhaps shouldn't surprise us I suppose, but it is wonderful to see such a thing realized in nature, and caught so well on camera.

Good to see you still posting Angry; keep it up.

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