Tuesday, February 25, 2014

To enter the Ivory Tower or not

I really like the ``Talking Points Memo" blog...though it's moved way beyond blog to a full-fledged news/analysis outlet. And so I'm happy to link to a discussion of academics and to what extent they do or should influence the real world. The discussion was kicked-off by a Kristoff column in the NYT and isn't really about the sciences. Nevertheless, folks here might find it interesting in terms of established people looking back on the paths they chose and their chosen paths (not always the same). I'm not providing much in the way of links, but things shouldn't be too hard to find.

As for Svik's request for more anger, I'll keep it in mind. The anger is surely there, but it can be hard to disguise the players appropriately.


Unknown said...

Checked out the web site above. It Has wrong type of anger. No go.

Is science needed? Yes as just importing the technology fails. This from a David gross lecture in Pakistan. Likewise a good moral religion is needed for a productive economy to fund the sciences.

In fact I have decided to try to get back into research with super computing and gpu's. Since programmer are paid less and less these days i might as well have some fun like Feynman said after the war.


Andrew Lewis said...

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