Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Brompton Folding Bike

Just got the latest issue of Consumer Reports which reviews folding bikes (online subscription required), and says of the Brompton (Clifford's favorite of Cosmic Variance, follow the link for pictures):

If you plan to ride mostly on flat terrain, and must pack up the bike often, consider the Brompton. It’s quick, folds easily to a compact size, and is the lightest bike in the Ratings. When folded, it’s the only tested bike whose chain is on the inside, so you’re unlikely to get grease on your pants.


Anonymous said...

Excellent! They did not mention (it seems) that you don't have to be restricted to a flat surface. It climbs hills very well indeed in low gear configuration.

On a lighter note, check out the (near) back pages of June's edition of Vogue. (Don't ask why I was reading it.) The Brompton is featured there as part of a swanky travel trunk set marketed at goodness-knows-who, since the whole ensemble is ridiculously overpriced. But I'm delighted that they are at least beginning (maybe too late) to realize that they should market this wonderful bike a bit. Maybe they will figure out one day they should market it to everyday people. Then it might catch on worldwide.... One can hope...



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