Thursday, July 20, 2006

Online News

  • Robert Cringely usually writes some interesting columns about internet technology, and this week, he discusses some limits of online news:

    If it's a big story that's important to a lot of people, the Internet either beats it to death or misses it completely. This is the nature of the beast and it makes me sad because I sit here on the third floor of an old house in Charleston, South Carolina banging out these columns and people ask me "Where do you GET this stuff?"

    Not from the Internet.

    I talk to people on the phone

    I'm not yet sure what I think of his opinion, but it certainly opens my eyes a bit to the limits, especially since I've given up the print newspaper.

  • Was at Target today. Walking out to my car, I see a sign warning that the shopping carts lock their wheels when they pass some orange line. It was at this point that I notice a bunch of abandoned shopping carts. That's pretty cool...if only because now I know how far out I need to park to be free of rogue carts. Don't you just love the people who park their nice cars way out to avoid others' carts, but who then leave their own shopping cart to go rogue on someone else's car!?!

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