Friday, August 18, 2006

Funny stuff at Slashdot

I don't usually read the comments at Slashdot, but a post there about the magazine Consumer Reports' efforts to test antivirus software for the PC by creating slight variants of existent viruses engendered some funny ones. Apparently, the makers of the software aren't happy, claiming that it's not responsible to create new viruses.

Perhaps I found them so amusing because they make light of such a depressing state of affairs in this country:

Testing security only emboldens the terrorists!

Why does Consumer Reports hate America?

I hear the Yale company is still furious over the time Consumer Reports tried a bunch of random combinations on their locks.

And there's even a funny one, presumably in opposition:

Be sure to read our other Consumer Reports articles, where we:
Test the efficacy of burglar alarms by attempting to break into consumers' homes,
Test the efficacy of the 'morning after' pill by creating unwanted pregnancies,
- and -
Test the skill of your local emergency room doctor by randomly stabbing people outside the hospital.

Thanks, Consumer Reports. Thanks bunches.

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