Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Peer Review

Wow, lot's of stuff going on, that's why I've been pretty silent. All that Perelman stuff (and the Fields' Medals) to read, and the direct evidence for Dark Matter. Exciting times.

And if I have to read one more post by Lubos insinuating that String Theory is responsible for the great results in Ricci Flow, well...well...I'll just have to call him out on it (again), that's what.

Physical Review now provides a link for a referee to see the results of all their reports...which manuscripts ultimately got published in Phys Rev and which are no longer being considered. I was a bit stunned by how many papers came my way, and more than a bit happy that so many never got published. I kind of figured the ones I rejected just asked for a new referee and got through.

Of course, as Peter Woit points out, is getting slammed because that's where Perelman "published" his papers (and only there). Referee reports, schmreports.

And links, shminks.

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stjames said...

its all politics and i think the scientist in world or USA are biting there own foot off and the public's . i could be wrong .