Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cycle of Life (Insurance)

First Decade Parent's health
Second Decade Parent's health; Auto
Third Decade Employee's health; Auto
Fourth Decade Employee's health; Auto; Term Life
Fifth Decade Employee's health; Auto; Term Life; Umbrella
Sixth Decade Employee's health; Auto; Term Life; Umbrella; Long Term Care
Seventh Decade Retirement health; Auto (if you're lucky); Whole/Annuity/Trust Life; Umbrella; Long Term Care; Social Security


CarlBrannen said...

One of my several methods of making people stop talking to me on airplanes is to go on at length about life insurance. It's actually a lot more interesting than one might suppose, given that it has to do with time, death, and love. But if the mathematics doesn't lose their attention, the discussion of mortality will.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I wish I had something like life insurance to fall back on! I try and talk math and they just talk more and louder :-/ Honestly, the iPod is about the best tool for that. They say it gets in the way of social activity and all, but sometimes that's a positive thing!

beartoes said...

Life insurance is so important, you can't believe. I have just heard horror stories about people (surviving spouse) that were devastated by the death of the partner due to being under insured. With low cost life insurance quotes that are on the internet today, it is so easy. People need to make the time and put the finances up to make sure that their family is taken care of when they are gone.