Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hopelessly, Hopelessly...

I'm way behind on things with barely a moment for catching up on the latest of our small corner of the blogosphere. Apparently, our country finally has some vague plans to go to the moon but no money to pay for it. I haven't seen Sean's post yet about his invite to be among the first to go up there but I look forward to hearing about those "peregrinations"! (I kid! I kid!)

Less importantly, Clifford egged Peter into a fight and now Clifford and Jacques are tag teaming.

Chad got a new car that is not a Honda Fit and he and Phil are getting interviewed. I think we need to develop a physics versions of that French guy's quiz. Job I would most not want to do? Host of a morning program ala "The Today Show."

Oh, forgot to add that people are looking for plagiarism on the arXiv but not finding much...that's good news.

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Anonymous said...

Glomar Challenger - deep sea manganese nodules, riiiight.

1) Insert ISS FUBAR into lunar orbit as an emergency shelter warmed by burning money.
2) The practical answers to national pride and engineering reality.
3) Any formerly unrecognized geopolitical modality continuously occupied by a colonizing entity can be declared an independent state. Perhaps a fruit in Bush the Lesser's idiot orchard caught his kid reading Heinlein's The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.
4) Major budget shift from NASA to U.S. Marshall Service JPATS. Lunar penal colony (Media-resistant terrorist interrogation center) to follow.