Tuesday, February 13, 2007


  • Anyone know of any good online/free tax info for a professor? I've gotten a 1099-Misc and I'm wondering what I can deduct. Not the usual "itemized deductions" (on schedule A) but instead it's Schedule C-EZ stuff. Anyone? I'm not looking to cheat, but I needs my broadband.
    Update: Nada. Bupkus. Great, well at least I've got a wonderfully unhelpful link to a Q&A at Kiplingers.

  • I've always been a bit uncomfortable with toll roads. Sure I love using them, but they seem so classist...the rich get to pay to use roads that poor folk cannot. Kind of like if we denied medical help unless you could pay for it...oh wait, never mind. Anyway, this article has a somewhat different perspective.

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Anonymous said...

The change made the city more livable, especially for lower- and middle-income residents who rode buses.

Screw the poor. Screw genetic, behavioral and developmental trash. Screw reproductive warriors, hind gut fermenters, drug addicts, Enviro-whiner Luddites. Screw the stupid, the pathetic, and the Officially Sad.

End poverty by ending its mamoth subsidies bloodily ripped from the wallets of the productive. Who feeds, clothes, houses, gives medical care to the Gifted gratis? Wo awards preferential university admissions and quota hiring to the Gifted? The only people capable of creating a viable future are crushed. This is STUPID and it pays mammoth negative dividends.