Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lost and Heroes TV Shows

I stumbled upon this site recently (don't ask): which gives a veritable catalog of "alternative" theories on the web (I love using that word "veritable"...connection to Harvard's motto be darned).

Speaking of alternative, Lost this week featured a plotline ostensibly involving time travel. The reputed accidental time traveler visits his physicist friend asking if he's nuts or if it's possible. My hopes of anything interesting physics-wise vanished when the somewhat stodgy physicist tells him, in no uncertain terms, that time travel isn't possible. This just a week after the episode in which someone is seen reading A Brief History of Time. This is no endorsement of the show though...the writers have long abandoned any reasonable adherence to even the smallest modicum of self-consistency.

The show Heroes, by contrast, presents an interesting story which seems to keep fairly strictly within its own bounds. Mind you, these bounds are fairly wide, including a character who can warp space and time (if only they would say in the show that such a separation is meaningless and instead use "spacetime"!). But the plotlines are so tightly woven together one truly (veritably, even) feels like the writers are unfolding an integral story, not simply rolling out episode after episode with new tricks.

And what's the deal with choosing males of Indian descent (i.e. South Asian) as scholarly professor types? Heroes has a father/son team of professors of some sort of genetics from India and this physics professor in Lost appears to be South Asian as well.

For those keeping track, the power words for this post:

  • veritable
  • ostensibly
  • modicum


Ashley said...

I like Heroes a lot (who doesn't want a superpower?!) But since I'm still normal ol' me, I'm also looking forward to 'The Winner' coming out on Fox on March 4. It features a guy named Glen Abbott, who's played by Rob Corddry from "the Daily Show" which really ought to be all I need to say. Second, he's an awkward, late-blooming (read: middleaged) gentleman who is finally growing up-it makes me feel better about myself right now. God, I'm glad I'm a woman-at least my future has cats...lots of cats.

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