Thursday, May 24, 2007

Automotive Motif

  • Lots of physics bloggers talking about Toyota's Prius lately...I just wanted to point out that the Prius is also notable for having lots of safety features: VSC (optional), tire pressure monitoring, etc. The latter I consider a safety feature not just because it might help avoid a dangerous blowout. But also if it helps you avoid being stuck on the road somewhere changing a tire, that helps with safety. I tried to convince my sister that getting her child a big SUV isn't necessarily the best path to safety for a variety of reasons, but reliability being one (to no avail of course..she bought a Volvo and was rewarded with the breaks going out a year later!).
  • Speaking of cars, it seems that very often I find late-model cars with one brake light out in the rear. And it's always a domestic or European car. I'm sure there's some amount of my bias there, but it's hard to imagine that accounts for it all.
  • If this works out as a way of producing hydrogen fuel it sure would be good news...the sad thing is that when I saw that it was from Purdue, I became dubious.
  • A cute pic of a geeky car

Bonus: Slashdot is hosting a question about which careers math & science majors should pursue.


Anonymous said...

A Homeland Severity jackbooted stormtrooper doing unconstitutional warrantless search and seizure at LAX gets $120K/year, is unfirable, has a benefits package beyond belief, gets a real pension plan, and is retired in 20 years.

Job requirements: GED and not too many felony arrests.

A 17-year old goes for a PhD: 10 years of college nets him $80K in debt. A 17-year old goes for Homeland Severity - 10 years of employment nets him $1.2 million. Who has all the brains?

Monadnock said...

FYI, the license plate on the Mazda is a reference to a Weeble and Bob flash animation about pies.
Pi is goooood.