Tuesday, May 01, 2007


  • People keep asking me what I think of the whole Imus "incident." Well, I took no offense when he said what he said...I doubt that many of those actually listening at the time would be offended. Sure, they're horribly offensive words. But that's his job! I don't so much blame him...I wouldn't make my living that way...but people listen. It's the public airwaves he's using, but the FCC didn't fire him. When will Rush be fired? And what about Ann Coulter? And there probably are some liberals out there who say some horrible stuff as well though I can't seem to think of any. In short, big deal...well, perhaps the big deal is just that so many people want to listen to such garbage.
  • If you can't describe what you do for a living in one sentence, I probably can't stand your job. If that one sentence reduces to something like "a {vice-president-type} of {buzzword} for {big company}," that's even worse.
  • It's great that A-Rod is kicking butt just before (hopefully) going to another team. The Yankees suck...if they win, well they should with that payroll, and if they lose, then they really suck. Plus, what kind of people with no connection to NYC cheer for them?
  • And the Heat are out of the playoffs to the lowly Bulls. I like Wade, but he's got lots of chances left in him. The classless hulk with whom he plays should retire. And why does CNN's Sports default web page show a box with today's regular season baseball schedule so that you have to click to find out what playooff basketball games are tonight?
  • "Hilary or Obama?" is an oft heard question. I don't really care, but I'm sick of hearing that Obama is too young and inexperienced. Sure, the media mentions this all the time, but people actually believe it? Being cloistered in the Senate for a couple decades with lots of experience getting elected is going to make one a better President? Hardly. Having read some history books, valuing integrity, and knowing which advisors to trust and when makes a good President.
  • Blogger has recently become a real pain...with any browser other than IE it doesn't let me login.


Anonymous said...

Lyndon Johnson was the quintessential political SOB with a file on everybody. Johnson's "Great Society" is an ongoing multi-$trillion disaster 45 years later.

Hillary Clinton spent $100 million solving the US healthcare crisis in 1993 - The President's Task Force on National Health Reform. It called for $150 billion/year in new taxes - 03 May 1993 New York Times.

Obama for President is the least awful choice. Put Wal-Mart in charge of healthcare - or end all health insurance entirely. Vendors must offer affordable services when price is tightly coupled to cost. People then make rational decisions or they die.

End all mandated charity in every venue. Your food stamps are hidden under your work boots. March or die.

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