Tuesday, December 04, 2012

I've had a number of things to share over the past few months, but none significant enough to merit a blog posting (as if that were a high hurdle!). It even crossed my mind for the first time that Twitter might be appropriate for communication.

My physics life, as opposed to family/friends/etc, has been up-and-down recently. I was riding high, feeling confident for a while...invitations to talk or visit, emails about recent papers, new projects with interesting collaborators, a phone interview with an interesting university.

Now, not so much.  No response to my latest from some folks interested in a paper. Not even a "thank you but..." from the search committee. One collaborator has gone completely AWOL, hopefully just because he's too busy. A big snafu with some refereeing has left me pissed at some editors. A bunch of grant proposals are submitted, but given the current financial situation (e.g. "fiscal cliff") facing the U.S. right now, it's hard to be optimistic.

I know things go up and down and I've got enough experience and job security to ride it out. But it's not fun.


Anonymous said...

Finally a new comment. Was wondering when you would post something angry. The title is so intriguing.

What is the paper about. Ref's???
Who is AWOL. Have you calculated something interesting recently.


Angry said...

Thanks, I worked really hard on the title :).

The paper concerns a system that was just found recently to demonstrate a certain effect. I feel so conformist following the trend.

Anonymous said...

Is this in the cold physics QM field?
Can't be ST if there is an 'effect'.
Or are you into quantum computation.

If they ever get it work may we can simulate the weather for more than a day at a time. But only if we all hold our breath while it's running.


Douglas Natelson said...

I'm in the same boat in terms of having pending proposals with the looming cliff. Nothing like getting internally inconsistent guidance, too (e.g., spend while you can, since no-cost extensions won't happen if there's budget chaos; but at the same time, you need a cushion in case proposals don't go through....). Good luck!