Saturday, December 22, 2012

This is a long read, but I found it pretty interesting. A guy who abandoned his goal of entering the academic linguistics world, but still had the drive to contribute bycreating a new language. But at one point he's quoted as:

I was surrounded by all these people hanging on my every word. It was intoxicating-especially for a loner like me. For one day, I got to play as an academic. I got to live this fantasy where I took the other path in the garden. I got to see what it would have been like if I had gone to graduate school and become a professional linguist. The fates of the universe tore open a window to show me what my life could have been. That night, I went back to my room, took a shower, and burst into tears.

Umm, where are these people hanging on to my every word? Am I doing this wrong?


Anonymous said...

because you have no comments..yes. yes you are.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit. You're not doing this wrong. I was led to this site by a few peers who are not ones to comment (so probably quiet) but love everything you have to say. Bravo for a VERY well-written, insightful, informative, and imminently-thoughtful blog.