Saturday, March 06, 2010

Pure Pedantry

  • Ahh, ignorance is bliss and intelligence is depressing.
  • More disingenuous stupidity about science from our favorite law professor. Scientists make mistakes, so let's throw out science. Heck, doctors make mistakes, so let's abandon Western medicine. Science and medicine continue to progress.
  • A funny picture over at Gizmodo.
  • An pedant's worst nightmare (anyone get the allusion?):

    Should I correct the grammatical mistake in a scrawl written on a bathroom stall?

  • I just came up with a great alliterative blog title Pure Pedantry, but of course one already exists with that title. Thing is, apparently it has ceased being updated, so perhaps some could take up the call to service. Perhaps, something a bit more alliterative, such as: Pure Physical Pedantry. How 'bout a contest for the most alliterative title for a physics blog? I can't seem to get more than three repetitions of a sound...Into the Photon-Phonon Forest