Monday, October 09, 2006

Physics Intrigue

Anyone see 60 Minutes last night? The indicted former head of HP was blaming former HP board members Tom Perkins (real rich dude who sent venture capital money Google's way) and his friend Jay Keyworth. Of interest here:

  • Perkins took off on his ultracool looking sailboat. I can't find any pictures with a quick search.
  • The story makes it seem that the superwealthy have immeasurable power...Perkins is accused of bring in the Feds, controlling the media, etc...something I can easily believe (and find quite distasteful of course).
  • They had the previous female head on to promote her book, who basically echoed similar sentiments about Perkins and Keyworth.
  • Finally, it was mentioned that Keyworth is a physicist.


Anonymous said...

When HP discontinued scientific RPN calculators it lost my vote of confidence. My 1981 HP 15C is irreplaceable. I'm scared to open the battery compartment - suppose it is empty and the magic escapes?

If you want to find the bottleneck, the first place to look is at the top of the bottle.

Angry said...

Yeah, the demise of RPN is a shame. I never voted though, so HP hasn't lost anything of mine :)

CarlBrannen said...

HP still sells RPN calculators: 33s switch hits

Meanwhile, as long as I'm typing hrefs, my effort to rewrite quantum mechanics using only density operators (and avoid the problems with the quantum vacuum) continues.