Saturday, January 20, 2007

Continuing Resolution

Things are a bit crazy right now, but...

in case the bad news concerning this Nation's budget were not entirely clear, the NSF makes it pretty explicit with their latest announcement:

While we are acutely aware of the tight constraints on the available budgetary resources, NSF is continuing to issue program announcements and solicitations as previously planned.

It is likely, however, that NSF may be unable to fund a number of activities planned for this fiscal year.


Anonymous said...

One is hard-pressed to name a human endeavor that cannot be corrupted, cheated, or unfairly augmented. Shoot steroids to become strong, pay off an alderman to screw your competitor, counterfeit cash.

Intelligence may be the ONLY human endeavor that cannot be greased. Drugs won't help, coaching won't improve it, bribes cannot create it. The Severely and Profoundly Gifted are mysteries beyond any bible. We are treated like shit for it.

When the Gifted turn their backs the result to the rear is "bad luck."

Dimitri Terryn said...

The truly scary thing is...fundamentel research is one aspect that they can stop funding without short-term disadvantes, besides screwing the researcher's carreers. Research is a risky business, projects costing millions can lead to no big results, or results that only will have practical applications decades from now.

What saddens me is that there is a trend in the Western world the last decade or so towards shorter and shorter term planning by politicy makers. There are few people concerned with issues that go beyond the next elections. Sadly, I thinkt that they only thing we as scientists can do is stress that even the most fundamental research has short-term benifits. The LHC has caused great leaps forward both in engineering and informatics, hopefully leading to commercial spin-offs later on.