Monday, February 25, 2008

Sanity Test

  • Does 1+1 equal something other than 2?
  • Have you seen an alien?
  • Was the Holocaust a fabrication?
  • Was the moon landing a fabrication?
  • Do you think Creationism or Intelligent Design qualify as scientific theories deserving of being taught in public school science classes?
  • Do you put any credence in a horoscope?
  • Does the US Constitution protect a child's right to participate in organized prayer in public school?
  • Given all we know about the execution of the Iraq War, if you could go back in time, would you still support going to war?
  • Despite all the reports about warming, is the Earth fine with no reason to change anything?
  • Do you respect draft dodgers who criticize wounded and decorated veterans as a political ploy?
  • Do you respect Senators with medical degrees pronouncing diagnoses based on a video of a patient?
  • Do you consume more than one gallon of gas in your one-way commute to work each day?
  • Are you so computer-partisan that you have any OS-affiliated adornments in your office (e.g. Microsoft/Apple/Linux poster)?
  • Are you so lazy that you make a habit of (i) littering (ii) pressing the "handicap" switch to open a door?
  • Do you generally associate certain cars with genders, such as "I couldn't drive a minivan instead of an SUV" or "That's a girl's car"?
  • Do you regular (i) use the left-most lane of highway for cruising? (ii) refuse to signal turns (iii) refuse to turn on your lights when it's raining?
  • Have you ever forwarded some internet story which you later came to realize was a complete hoax or urban myth?
  • Are you still unclear about how to score this test?


Kea said...

Should bloggers write U.S. centric questions on blogosphere sanity tests?

Anonymous said...

Second that. I would also prefer a slightly less Brittney Spears centric spelling:
"Do you regular (i) use the left-most lane of highway for cruising?"
How about an adverb, "regularLY"?
The test is funny, nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

"i would also prefer a slightly less Brittney Spears centric spelling"?!?!?
thats not helpfull in any way shape or form.... your sitting behind your pc correcting peoples spelling mistakes.... i seriously think you should consider killing yourself... i meen the fact that you do that is clear proof that you being alive isnt really doing anybody any favours