Friday, October 15, 2010

Ran Dom

  • Cars have come a long way in a hundred years, right? Smart, adaptive cruise control, air bags, pretensioning seatbelts, etc. Contrast that with plane landings. In the decades I've been landing in planes, they don't seem to get any smoother or nicer. It's still essentially a semi-controlled collision. Why does it seem that there hasn't been any progress?
  • Things I had right when I was a young teenager:

    • My parents really suck at parenting.
    • You can't argue with solipsism.

  • Things I had wrong when I was a young teenager:

    • I can't separate the logical rational me from the evolved animal that I am.
    • Just being smart means nearly nothing. The game of trying to do the least while being the best is a silly one. Life's about "doing."
    • Everyone is insecure. Even famous physicists.

  • A Nobel-winner discusses the implications of relativity on interstellar trade...the economics of it, anyway.


Douglas Natelson said...

Wow - that last link shows that Krugman once had a sense of humor!

Angry said...

Oh, he's still got a sense of humor. I recently saw him w/ a cameo in "Get Him to the Greek" and others defend him more vigorously in the comments of this post at the Freakonomics Blog.

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Anonymous said...

It might be merely a matter of time before Wall Streeters figure out to use the "The Theory of Interstellar Trade" to create a new generation of derivatives contracts.

Anonymous said...

Krugman once had a sense of humor! "The Theory of Interstellar Trade" to create a new generation of derivatives contracts is very awful.

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Unknown said...

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