Friday, August 15, 2008

The First Post To Demonstrate....

  • Why are so many banks going up? I haven't entered any branches of my main bank in many years. I just don't understand why these chain banks need so many branches? Perhaps, the physical buildings don't represent too much cost but presumably employee salary and benefits must be significant. Or perhaps, such a physical presence attracts enough business and serves as advertising to make it worth their while? Not sure I buy that argument even though it's my only one.
  • I'm no fan of using "first" in a paper. Everything that get published should be the first to do something. So when I see people using the word, as in "We present the first case of ..." it strikes me as inappropriate in an academic pursuit. Just tell me the result. Besides, someone may have done it already and just not published or not published in anything read by you. Which naturally leads to the derivative "To our knowledge, this represents the first time...." which lays bare the ambition of the's pure salesmanship, not science.
  • Clearly, this guy needs to start yet another "angry" blog. Does mooning fall under academic freedom?
  • Anyone with any remaining faith in McCain's character from 2000 should follow the link and read Joe Klein.


CarlBrannen said...

I watched the angry video. To truly appreciate it, you have to watch the hour long "debate" that preceded it.

Angry said...

Really? I barely paid attention to what was actually said in the short clip.

The Chemist said...

I think it's just that you need locations to actually drop and process paperwork. Checks still need to make their way somewhere physically, even after Check 21.

Then there's the simple fact that people will always need certain services that require physical presence and having a place close to your house or place of business can be a plus.

These are just guesses of course. You would think that they have good reasons for it, but whenever I talk to my MBA friends nothing they say seems grounded in reality.

Angry said...

Chemist: Sure, I see the need for some physical banks. It just seems there was the status quo for a number of years, and then all of a sudden over the past year or so I see a Citibank, Chase, or some other national brand popping up on every corner. Surely, the demand for a bank with a "physical presence" isn't increasing in this day and age, right?