Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Whom you know

  • Further doubt about nuclear fusion coming from sonoluminesence since Purdue has found scientific misconduct.
  • DVRs are not yet commodities. I've got a Scientific Atlanta box free for a year and its UI is lightyears behind that of Tivo.
  • Gizmodo does more physics movies: fluid dancing on water and lightening hits camera.
  • My Facebook activity has continued...lots of old high school friends. Strange when some people ask me to "be their friend," contrasting sharply with their rather indifferent behavior towards me so many years ago. Strange also juggling personal Facebook I have a name which can feel a bit strange sometimes when switching from blogging to Facebook'ing or vice a versa. Another strange thing...looking at these old high school "mates" puts one in the awkward position of evaluating one's accomplishments relative to what one expected of others in high school. Current friends have confirmed that such reacquaintences leads to such reconsideration.
  • What's the deal with these conference webpages using various certificates? I often have to accept them or they cause some browser error, and I really don't see the point. And my browser always seems to find something wrong them. What in the world are they protecting? Furthermore, for any conference organizers out there, for coffee breaks, please try to find some sort of non-sugar snack. I'm a sucker for free food but when all that's available is either high sugar or high simple carbs, what am I to do? Inevitably, I succumb and quickly crash or get a headache.
  • A somewhat interesting answer to "Does using revolving doors help?"
  • I share Doug's skepticism about the FQXI grants. I'm also a bit skeptical about the amount of correlation among Panel members and awardees.
  • Camera news: I think I've mentioned that I'm waiting till the Fall to get a new camera. Apparently, the new stuff comes up in August or September, and new news has been leaking out. Here's some more, via Gizmodo: a Nikon SLR which records video, the promise of yet smaller SLRs from Olympus, and a wide angle superzoom from Fuji. Still no news of a Canon G10.


Matthew Hunt said...

The micro-four-thirds lens format is specifically not for SLRs; the new design moves the lens mount closer to the sensor, so there isn't room for an SLR mirror box. Instead, it would be for compact interchangeable-lens cameras similar to rangefinders (but maybe without a real rangefinder focusing mechanism).

Angry said...

coneslayer: Certainly you're technically correct. The thing is, with Live View these days, it's not clear the utility of keeping such a strict definition. And I wonder how strictly Nikon's D90 will conform to its classification as a DSLR since it will supposedly take video.