Thursday, June 29, 2006

Cool lasers

Over at Uncertain Principles he's got a couple posts about lasers and getting them to do what you want. As I've mentioned before, I think posts such as these are great examples of what physics blogging is about.

Of course, he calls it "Fun With ... Lasers" and I suppose if you go read it and think it's fun, you are (or are destined to be) an experimental physicist. If you think "cool" then you're probably theoretical. And if you think, "I wonder if I could use that to make such-and-such" you're probably an engineer type. I'm tempted to continue this train of thought, but I'm sure I'd start offending people pretty soon.


Anonymous said...

After reading the posts at Uncertain Principles, I thought Cool, it would be fun to use this diode laser stuff in my lab for PIV measurements...;)

According to you then, I am probably all muddled up....;)

Just visiting your blog from Bloglines search. Yet to go through some of your posts to comment topically.

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