Monday, June 26, 2006

Strominger's Talk

After Chad posted the link to the online talks from Strings 06, I took a look at Strominger's* opening talk (looks like he's got a more technical one further down), and thought I'd point that one out in particular. It's nice and fairly easily understood by someone with a basic idea of the state of modern physics.

Two things I also wanted to mention:

  • His talk is of the "hand drawn" type much preferred by some in the community. Not sure if there's as much consensus here as in global warming! The lesson isn't that physicists should hand draw their slides, nor that they should use presentation software. Instead, you should make a good and visible presentation.
  • I liked the slide "Contradiction leads to progress." Besides looking nice, I think it's important to get this idea across to the general public.

*Update: As pointed out in the comments, it's a pretty big file. I don't notice these things much since everything just downloads in the background.

Update 2: A couple other notes now that I've had time to look through some of the other talks. Dijkgraaf has a summary talk posted which starts out a bit funny (and a bit un-PC as well). While he's talking about how this is a remarkable time for many fields, he mentions the Ricci Flow work under the slide title "In the meantime in mathematics"...I mention this in support of my argument with Lubos (see the comments of this post). Finally, he finishes by mentioning that Lubos is locked behind the Great Wall (well "firewall") but that Woit is not.


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