Saturday, June 10, 2006

NSF Review Panels

Over at Nanoscale Views, he talks about NSF review panels. I think these provide lots of good info for young physics to see how/why something gets funded. Unfortunately, those that need such info the most are likely not there so it's good that such info is now out there. The question is whether young folks are looking for it.

As for such panels, as in most things, things can be pretty political, at least in my field. At the last, there were a couple of PIs under review who are pretty much worthless. They simply copy what others are doing, or, at their best, they happen to have some good postdocs. Once the postdocs leave...But they are good self-promoters (not in a good way, but a slimey way), so the panel was all gung-ho to give 'em money.

Anyway, so in the discussion, how negative should you be? Will people start thinking you're just an "angry physicist"? Will your negative comments get back to these powerful PIs...most definitely. It's good to have an established friend in the field with whom you can talk about such matters.

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