Friday, June 09, 2006

Impedance Matching w/ the Simpson's

So I'm watching the Simpson's episode where Marge's brakes have been cut and as she speeds down a hill, she encounters a speed bump a bit taller than her car. Geek that I am, I'm thinking, "what an impedance mismatch!"

Now the Simpson's has lots of good physics in it, but this is a bit of stretch. But you can imagine that if a car is going fairly slowly and comes a rather large bump, it could conceivable bounce backwards. Big reflection means big mismatch. And a car, even if moving rather fast, if the suspension is appropriately tuned, may go over the bump with little effect from it...a good match.

Anyway, searching around for a good qualitative explanation of impedance matching I came across this.

Anyway, if you know your Simpson's, Marge doesn't bounce back, but instead breaks right on through the speed bump!

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