Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Two Stephens

The Colbert Report made some fun of Stephen Hawking last week and it's up over at YouTube. Not hilarious, but it's nice to see some theoretical physics in the mainstream. The Colbert Report must have some physicist(s) on staff because they actually have a fair amount of physics creep into the show in an intelligent way. Maybe they're hiring?

A few months back, Colbert talked about how, if we really wanted to attract kids to careers in science, that instead of the law not applying to celebrities and athletes (have you heard the latest about Limbaugh?), we should allow scientists to do as they please. Doesn't sound funny the way I rehash it, but it was.


Douglas Natelson said...

I don't know about the Colbert Report, but The Daily Show definitely has math and physics literate folks on the writing staff. I recognized the hand of an old college friend who writes for TDS when Jon Stewart did a joke involving Venn diagrams.

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