Sunday, June 25, 2006

Letter of Recommendation

Writing letters of reference is a major time drain, so to help all those out there, I thought I'd put this one out into the public domain. Such letters require care to really bring out the positives and avoid saying anything that would get one in legal trouble. As is usual for these letters, you really have to be able to read between the lines.

To whom it may concern:

I write to recommend Sloh Moronk for a research position at your institution. I have been Sloh's adviser for a number of years now, and he has made quite an impression on me. I am confident that his addition to your department will greatly improve my productivity.

Sloh latches on to problems quite well with much eagerness. One problem I put to him occupied most of his time for almost an entire year. During that time we discussed the problem repeatedly in our meetings. Sloh, being the independent thinker that he is, continually tried to do it his way. With all this time invested, it was quite easy for me to solve the problem by the end of that year.

He is also remarkable in his ability to communicate. It seemed that everyday he would have some question or another, most of which were easily answered with just a couple more emails to explain the solution.

Were I to compare Sloh to his peers, I would have to say there is no comparison. I therefore hope that he can contribute to your program.


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