Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Human Exploration at the cost of science

Update: Slashdot has the latest from Stephen. Apparently he asked
How can the human race survive the next hundred years?
and got many answers.

It's funny how so often in the media you find instances of "what does Stephen Hawking say" always about something not related to his areas of expertise, say, something like, "Women who are able should definitely breastfeed."

Anyway, in this instance, it's Slashdot with a story saying that Hawking thinks mankind has to spread to other orbs to hedge its bets against nuclear war, pandemic, or something I've not heard of before called "sudden global warming." I'm sure Lubos is going to jump all over that one. Let's see if I can predict his behavior as well as Woit can.

And Nasa is doing so well financially, I'm sure 20 years is plenty to have a base on the moon. Oh wait, Hawking isn't American, maybe ESA can do the human exploration and leave NASA to do science?


Unknown said...

"sudden global warming."

Part of an anthropic coincidence which necessarily includes a cumulative runaway-effect. In this case he is surely talking about the runaway greenhouse effect.

... as counterbalanced by the long-term trend toward glaciation that is predicted by Milankovitch models... if you leave human arrogance out of it.

Because you have to prove that we're greater than contributing members of the ecosystem that we **belong to** before you can assume that we can possibly ever truly violate the ecobalance.

Sqirrils instintively bury nuts for the winter.

There is no precedence that indicates that our tendency to warm the climate isn't a manifestation of this survival instinct.

Only human arrogance can enable that belief.

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