Saturday, June 03, 2006

A Long Way Down

Just recently finished listening to Nick Hornby's A Long Way Down.
I enjoyed it. Different than much of what I've picked up at the library recently, and, despite its subject matter (people that want to commit suicide...perhaps because of it), pretty refreshing.


Sabine Hossenfelder said...

Hi Angry,

I read that book I think last summer or so. Liked the topic. Very nice. The beginning was great, but the plot was rather mediocre. I had the impression that Hornby started from the first scene and then didn't really know what to do with it. You might like this site

Life Sucks

13) Kill Yourself

[...] killing yourself takes way too much fucking energy, plus you might make someone happy. [...] You can make so many stupid people miserable. Why would you want to give all of that up? If you do go, go with a bang. [...] Stand up for what you really believe in. Shoot your elected representatives. Shoot your neighbor's dog. Drive across the country shooting minorities.

Best, B. (having a bad day)

Angry said...

Oh, I'm not depressed. Rereading, maybe that could be inferred, but I simply meant hearing about people who hate their lives actually perks me up a that morbid?

My sense of the book was that Hornby had a good idea for the book which took up about a third of it. And then, he needed a way to end it. It would be easy to be cheesy, or too dramatic or such. So I wasn't as thrilled with the latter part as the first, but still thought the book quite worthwhile.

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