Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Do not waste time!

Since I like to think I'm helping young physicists out there, I'll frame this post as advice. Here are some things you definitely should try to avoid so that you actually get some work done:

  • googling old class mates or yourself
  • browsing the wikipedia
  • scanning html access logs or sitemeter for your blog
  • checking your latest cite summary at Spires
  • keeping up with the rapid fire linking of Instapundit
  • browsing FatWallet
  • reading LQG papers (if Lubos-aligned) or String papers (if Woit aligned)
  • checking the rumor mills ( astro or theory) or the jobs sites (e.g. APS)
  • Worst time killer of all: writing to a blog!


Frank said...

The "Random Page" link on Wikipedia is as addictive as crack!

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